Monday, August 30, 2010

In and around San Diego with the parents

One of the best things when the parents come in to town (besides going out to really nice dinners) is that you get to play tourist in your own town! I have been lucky enough to have both my husband's family and my family come in to town in two consecutive weekends! We had such an amazing time just hanging out in San Diego enjoying everything this town has to offer! With my parents we went walking around Seaport Village which was absolutely amazing given that the weather couldn't have been more perfect!

And just in case you were curious these are my amazing parents!

We then headed up to Dana Point where we had another fabulous afternoon just strolling around the harbor.

Then the next weekend the other side of the family came in to town and we ate and drank our way through downtown San Diego AGAIN!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kansas City BBQ~!

Add ImageMy husband and I went in search of the best BBQ we could find and ended up in Kansas City! While the weather was a lot hotter than we were use to, the BBQ was absolutely incredible!

Our first stop was Arthur Bryant's - which I have to say was the best place we went to. Granted we were highly anticipating our first meal but there was just something about this place that made it stand out!

Another favorite spot of ours was the Cashew - which ironically enough was located on Walnut Street and had a sister bar name the Peanut.

Hands down the best bar option was The Flying Saucer. The name honestly doesn't do it justice. This place had more beers than I have ever seen and if you ever drink 200 different beers you get your name on a saucer up on the wall!

This was their case of bottled beer and they had about 4 of these located throughout the bar area!

Next we headed to the shopping district to check things out. I was actually surprised to see that it was an outdoor mall only because it was about 100 degrees outside! So while we didn't stay long we took a couple of pictures while we walked around!

We then headed out to the Royals game. Josh and I have a rule that whenever we have the chance to visit a new city we have to go to a baseball game! Even though we only made it to the 5th inning because the thunder and lighting rolled in, we had an amazing time!

Our last restaurant on BBQ quest was Jacks Stacks. This was completely different from the over-the-counter places we had previously been to because it was a nice sit down restaurant. Even still we were sad to leave the next day to get back to reality!

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Call me a sucker for a little blond girl with flowing curly hair, but Audreena has to be one of the most adorable 3 yrd olds! She was amazing to shoot because she was having such a fun time running around just being a little girl! I told her mom when we were finished to never let her cut her hair. You will see what I am talking about! Bottom line Audreena was so much fun to shoot and made for a great weekend!